Living in the Loja province of Ecuador

Gringo al SUR Ecotel TV Loja Ecuador

Gringo al SUR on Ecotel TV in Loja Ecuador

So you made it to Vilcabamba or Malacatos or the city of Loja or some other place in the south of Ecuador. Congratulations and welcome!!

But what is it really to be LIVING here as opposed to visiting or spending time with other expats drinking beer and eating pizzas which in my view is not really the epitome of what I call “integration”?

In this section of our web site, we will focus on just that. I am very well positioned to embark on the project of filling up these new web pages. I am from Belgium, I have been living here for 6 years. I speak very good Spanish now and most importantly I have an Ecuadorian family. I am the happy father of a 2 year old, half Ecuadorian half European. My partner has two kids of her own. So my “integration” is total.

In January this year, with a friend of mine who owns a TV program called “Video Show” on Ecotel TV in Loja, we created a character named “Gringo al SUR” and so I became a reporter. I go with my cameraman explore everything in the beautiful south of Ecuador. I talk to people, try to understand their culture, watch what they do for a living etc… So far I have filmed and edited 7 episodes of the program. More information on this topic on the Gringo al SUR page here.

This is only the beginning. The task is immense as the Loja province has so much to offer and let’s not even mention the rest of Ecuador. There will be much to write and I will be seeking help from other people who are living here and have something to say. Please contact us from the contact page on this site and I will be more than happy to include your contribution in this web site.

For now, please enjoy the episodes of Gringo al SUR which are on Youtube and can also be found HERE. They are in Spanish. Of course, English subtitles will be more than welcome, another task ahead. Contact me if you want to help.

To be continued ….


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en Chuquiribamba, en Vilcabamba

Gringo al SUR


En Loja, en Vilcabamba

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En Loja, en Chuquiribamba