Dumas Restaurant - Gastronomía Francés en Loja Ecuador

Dumas Restaurant – French Italian Gastronomy in Loja Ecuador

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Who has not heard of Italian and French cuisine?

They are considered among the most important in the world. They are characterized by their variety, the result of regional and cultural diversity, but also by their refinement. Their influence is felt in almost every kitchen in the Western world, which have incorporated into their recipes technical knowledge of French and Italian cuisine .” Wikipedia.

Now, Dumas is not a French restaurant nor is it an Italian one. It is an Ecuadorian restaurant of “French/Italian inspiration” where the food is a fusion of different styles. We have already introduced Roberto Delgado, the restaurant owner, a talented and very likeable 30 year old chef, in our previous note Dumas Restaurant – Traditional lunch with a gourmet touch in Loja Ecuador . It is true that the lunches are delicious but, as we were to discover  that night, they are nothing compared to the a la carte dishes served Monday through Friday from 4 to 9 PM.

So? you fool haven’t taken her out yet for dinner at Dumas restaurant?

Dumas - Romantic dinner

I have, and I am delighted to let you know that she confessed to me that it was the best meal of her entire life.

We started with the Dumas salad, a true symphonic piece of work by itself. Roberto brought us a plate full of colors, a mix of greens with mozzarella cheese and crispy caramelized onions, edible flowers that had a pumpkin flavor, olives, sauteed mushrooms  with garlic and honey and mustard vinaigrette with sesame seeds.

salad Dumas
Dumas Salad
At Dumas just forget about what you do not like

I am not a great lover of salads I must admit, but she is. However, both of us we liked it so much that it left us speechless. The truth is that if you do not really like something, like there are people who do not like onions, or I do not like very much olives, my advice is to forget about these preconceptions and simply let the magic of Roberto do its job. You may simply find that you did enjoy what you never used to like.

Then we ordered two entrees, the “Bourbon Ribs” and a Pizza. As the menu says, the ribs are nothing short of  spectacular and they are so tender that they melt in the mouth like butter. The BBQ sauce is, it goes without saying, 100% home made, courtesy of Roberto. They come accompanied with something called “rustic patatoes” and a Dumas salad it could not be otherwise. With a good house red it was really something from another world.

Dumas Restaurant - Bourbon Ribs
French Italian Gastronomy in Loja Ecuador
French Gastronomy in Loja Ecuador
Dumas Restaurant - Bourbon Ribs
Bourbon Ribs – Absolutely Spectacular
Dumas Restaurant - Pizza
Making the Pizza

Roberto prepares his pizzas from fresh and personally selected quality ingredients . He said his handmade mozzarella cheese is the best one can find in this country (from Cuenca). He also prepares the tomato sauce himself. He only uses extra virgin olive oil.

Dumas - Pizza a la piedra
Dumas – Pizza a la piedra
Dumas – Stone Pizza

We had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Roberto who came to sit at our table and we asked him to tell us a little more of his life.

Roberto Delgado = Dumas Restaurant Owner
Roberto Delgado – Dumas Restaurant Owner

His parents had a restaurant in Loja before named “Gino Ginelli” and it was quite a success too. At this time he was still at school and helped his parents out in his spare time but did not really pay too much attention because he had other plans and gastronomy was not something he was interested in yet. His desire then was to study medicine.

Then I had the opportunity to leave the country in 2004. Apparently at that time Argentina was very convenient for those who wanted to make their higher education abroad. So I went and then decided to study at the school of gastronomy “Gato Dumas“.

Hence the name of his restaurant in Loja. In Argentina, Italian and French cuisine are well known and widely practiced. Then when he left school in 2007, he worked in Buenos Aires in a restaurant of typical food where they attended 500 people each night. Wow! He later returned to Ecuador and worked at a French restaurant in Quito as we explained in our previous article .

Dumas - The best customer service
Dumas – The best customer service

What is really noticeable in Roberto’s attitude, besides his good humor and smile, is his high level of commitment and customer service. While we were talking, customers were coming in, and every time Roberto stood to greet them personally and show them a table.

This surely is the result of his experience outside the country and this should be an example for the many businesses in Loja who have not yet understood the tremendous importance of customer attention and service.

The nail on the coffin. The desserts.

After so much of this rich and tasty food accompanied with red wine, my girlfriend and I were barely standing when they brought us two plates of their special homemade desserts: crème brûlée and chocolate fondant.

Dumas Homemade desserts
Crème Brûlée
Dumas Homemade desserts
Chocolate Fondant

The crème brûlée or burnt cream is also called Catalan cream . You can read about this wonderful dessert on wikipedia here . I already knew it from my previous life in Belgium, a country neighboring France, but for my girlfriend it was the first time. We must say that there are as many versions of crème brûlée as there are chefs who prepare it, some better than others, but, once again, the Roberto’s version of it was one of the best I’ve had.

As per the chocolate dessert, it was so yummy and so rich that I really do not recommend it after eating too many other things or possibly share it between two people.

Social events

One very important thing I want to mention is that “Dumas” also caters for social events such as baptisms, first communions, confirmations, friends gatherings (but no bachelor party, too messy 🙂) etc …

Book your event with just one phone call and enjoy the best …


The conclusion is that there is no conclusion because the story does not end here. Roberto told us, but it is a secret and please do not repeat it to anyone, that he is preparing a new menu with new dishes. Then he will surely surprise us again and we will have to revisit our current conclusions whatever they are. Stay tuned.

What is true and will not change is that if you want to experience some fine dining in the city of Loja, and this without killing your budget, Dumas is the ideal place. It offers typical lunches and at night it offers gourmet à la carte dishes at affordable prices.

I can not resist one last comment. Whatever your religious beliefs, it is true that what is done with pleasure and love is always better that what is done out of duty or for money. And love abounds in this place. Only watching how Roberto puts his arm around his mum’s shoulder speaks volume. She helps a lot in the kitchen and has years of experience in restaurants including her own.

Dumas - Made with Love
Dumas – Made with Love

I’m not very religious myself but while the flavors of the bourbon ribs were filling my mouth a thought came to me, sweet like a caress but strong as a revelation,

Dumas must be the proof that God does exist!

The todoloja.com team at Dumas Restaurant in Loja
The todoloja.com team at Dumas Restaurant in Loja

Thank you, Roberto, our friend from Loja, for these magical moments we lived together on this night of the 15 of July 2016.

To you who read this note we recommend the following.

Do not wait even one more day to visit Dumas restaurant and please do tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

Dumas Trattoria and Restaurant in Loja Ecuador
Dumas Restaurant – A cozy place of French and Italian cuisine in Loja Ecuador
Dumas Restaurant - Traditional lunch with a gourmet touch in Loja Ecuador
Dumas Restaurant – Gastronomy at affordable prices in Loja Ecuador


Address: Jose Antonio Eguiguren y Bernardo Valdivieso, Loja, Ecuador
Tel: +593 (0)7 256-1494
Social networks: https://www.facebook.com/dumastrattoria
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 21:00 hours
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