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Timothy’s bar and grill: a must in Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador

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Customers swear by it, they love the food, they love the atmosphere and they love the man too.

Timothy’s bar is a very special place indeed, a place where everyone feels at home, whether Ecuadorians or expats, it makes no difference.

The owner is called Jimmy. He is soft spoken, intelligent, articulate, educated and totally committed to his work. Offering his customers the best experience to is his only priority.

Sharon Jones, a Vilcabamba resident and expat, says that once they got stuck in Cuenca and could not come back on time. They have children. They called Timothy’s and Jimmy organized a taxi to send them food. He is family to us, we love him does she say with the hand on her heart.

Timothy's bar and grill: a must in Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador
Timothy’s bar and grill: a must in Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador

Timothy’s specializes in “Healthy American Food” (if there is such a thing :-). Burgers, fries, T-bone steaks… However he explains, it is not junk food by any mean.  It is well balanced and nutritious. In addition, the portions are big and the prices are not gringo prices. Chicken wings in BBQ sauce is an all time favorite for his Ecuadorian audience.



His clientele is mainly families, a 50/50 mix of locals and extranjeros. They order a variety of food, put it all on the table and share. He does not mind that at all. Couples also come and do the same. The lady wants to take care of herself, look after her figure and not eat too much. That is why they order only one meal for two. However, in the end, Jimmy says with a smile, she is the one who eats more. For the health conscious he has great salads too.


Definitely a great experience. I myself tried the pepper steak several time (Lomo fino). Each time it was fantastic, meat was tender and the sauce was first class.

If you ever come to Loja and Vilcabamba don’t miss out on Timothy’s bar.

Cheers for now and bon appetit.


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admin @seekvilcabamba

5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 6, 2013

Vilcabamba is a small village, with a wide range of restaurants…..One never knows what to expect. When one walk into Timothy’s , however, it is different. They are immediately comforted by common items for decoration…including coasters and bottles of beer. Then whe the food comes….well, that is incredibly amazing…no mater what you order..We recommend to everyone!!!!


admin @seekvilcabamba

Robert M. Lee –
5 star
Best burgers, BBQ wings, BBQ ribs south of the mississippi
28 February 2015 · 1 Review ·

Sharon R. Jones –
5 star
Amazing food, GREAT variety! Our whole family loves the place and it’s fun atmosphere. The specials are another reasons to DEFINITELY check out Timothy’s!
3 August 2015 · 194 Reviews ·