Vilcabamba Ecuador Real Estate for the Health Conscious – Life the way it was designed to be


If you are looking for real estate in Ecuador, whether you want to live here or make an investment, Vilcabamba is definitely a place to consider.

There is a lot of real estate for sale in Vilcabamba, from apartments or houses in town, to small or large pieces of land with or without buildings. For sure, there is something for everyone. Prices tend to be higher in Vilcabamba than in other places in Ecuador. This is due to the popularity of Vilcabamba, the “valley of longevity” with its ideal climate, lifestyle, abundance of food and also its cosmopolitan expat community. People come here to live not only from the USA but also from the UK, France, Belgium, Germany among other countries.

If you are considering buying real estate in Vilcabamba Ecuador, we have something truly unique to offer: a “non-gated” property of 70 hectares subdivided into spacious and private quintas (lots), located in one of the best and safest areas around Vilcabamba (San Pedro) along the most pristine river (Uchima), right at the foot of the world famous Podocarpus National park, only 6 kms from the centre of the Vilcabamba village.

The property is called “Cutanapamba”. It has everything to offer to nature lovers and health conscious people while at the same time being close to town.

Fifteen (15) lots (called “quintas”) of sizes ranging from 8,000 m2 to 17,000 m2 are for sale.

From Vilcabamba, head towards Loja on the main road, turn right into the San Pedro village, then follow the dirt road to Sacapo and then before going up to the Sacapo village turn right and head down to the Rio Uchima.


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