The Loja province, Loja city and in particular Vilcabamba, have a variety of great places to visit, great places to stay at and lots of restaurants. In these promocional videos we interview the owners of businesses in the Loja region and allow them to present their work and their products. If they desire we also interview their clients and employees.

This is a great way for them to promote their name. Seekvilcabamba.com exists since 2009 and its ranking is good in the search engines. We are working every day to make this ranking better in the future. Todoloja.com is a web site with similar content but with a broader scope mthan just Vilcabamba. It is new and is not yet ranked in Google.

These videos are complementary to the videos produced by "Gringo al SUR" the mission of whom is to explore the province. His video work is available on this same web site under the GAS menu. Note that it is in Spanish and has not been subtitled or dubbed in English yet