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by Anita Evans

The following writings are my own personal experiences. They are my view of my time here in Ecuador. They are not meant to be concise accurate pieces of work as they may even be very inaccurate. If they spark some opinion in you (positive or negative) that is great. You are welcome to share your experiences in Ecuador with me via our contact page. I may not answer everyone – it depends on my time and what you say.


Writer's disclaimer: If you choose to try any of the medical treatments (or recreational medicinal) I talk about here please research the topic thoroughly yourself first, seek medical advice from different sources and make up your own mind (like I have done). You should follow this pattern throughout your life and not take blindly what anyone says to you regardless of their credentials or believability. You do this of your own accord as an individual. I accept no responsibility.

Editor's disclaimer: these journals are published unedited, leaving Anita's unique "spelling style" unaltered. Please add punctuation, swap the "then" and the "than", the "quiet" and the "quite" in the appropriate manner, put all letters in the right order when required, replace "Malacatus" with "Malacatos" and so on. It is all great creative and spontaneous writing and that is what matters in the end.