This section contains the restaurants that we reviewed in 2009 and 2010 as well as new places that we have not personally visited yet. They are in no order of preference, they are in alphabetical order. Note: some places have changed name, some have moved, some have gone.

Tiramisu from Hosteria Vilcabamba

Restaurants listed below are in no order of preference - they are in alphabetical order
Some restaurants have photos, some don't - we are taking photos as we go and will keep adding them in the future

Natural Yogurt

This restaurant serves fresh juice blended with natural yogurt. They also do very good filled crepes and according to my husband the best Papas Fritas (hot chips). Ask them "bien frito" to make sure they are crispy.

The only thing with this restaurant is that you have to allow time for the meal to be prepared as it is done on an order by order basis. The other day, Pierre decided to try their spaghetti bolognese. After ordering, he went to the kitchen to ask for something and saw them getting fresh mince meat from the fridge and chopping green peppers. He thought: "oh my God this is going to take a loong time!". However, to Pierre's surprise, the spaghetti turned up after 20-25 minutes and was actually delicious. The vegetables were slightly undercooked and crispy which is great! So thumbs up for the Bolognese at Natural Yogur.

Come here when you are not in a hurry and watch that there isn't a crowd of people already seated and waiting.


2015: Sambuca is now called AgaveBlu. The food is still excellent.

Isamar still runs the place with her new partner Greg and her smile is still as charming as ever.



This one is a bit out of town and has a cool atmosphere with a cowboy vibe. Bar seats are horse saddles and the walls are covered in international money, weird animal hides, and neat photos. A variety of food is served here. They do very good pizza and fish and pasta dishes.

Snake Juice is available at this restaurant if you wish to try it. It is made from fermented cane juice which is 90% alcohol.

United Falafel Organization UFO

Right by the church on the central square of Vilcabamba Vegeterian Middle Eastern food - Arabian theme - mozaique work - wooden furniture - expresso coffee... This is a newcomer in town as per 2015.