This section contains the restaurants that we reviewed in 2009 and 2010 as well as new places that we have not personally visited yet. They are in no order of preference, they are in alphabetical order. Note: some places have changed name, some have moved, some have gone.

Pepper steak at Hosteria Vilcabamba


Charlie is a newcomer on the Vilcabamba restaurant scene but everybody knew him already, so his restaurant became quite popular overnight. The things that I noticed when entering Charlito's for the first time was the interesting color scheme, the feeling of space inside and the warmth and professionalism of Charlie himself ...

... who soon came to take our order, with a little notepad in his hand, a bit like a French "garcon". "Nice" I thought as I began to relax and absorb the atmosphere of the place.

Food is simple and good. I have only tried the sandwich and the pizza so far and I have no complaints. I will need to ask other people to comment on their experience.

Jardin Escondido

Jardin Escondido is a tranquil restaurant and part of the hotel of the same name. The locale, truly a "hidden garden", boasts candlelit dining in a lush courtyard and serves authentic Ecuadorian, Mexican, and international cuisine. There is live music some Saturday nights.


It is situated 2 kms from the town centre. It is an open-air, balcony-dining restaurant that enjoys a panoramic view of the valley and Vilcabamba village. The restaurant offers a wide variety of local and international dishes. This restaurant is part of the hotel of the same name.

The restaurant serves a delicious mix of both Ecuadorian and Bavarian specialties. 
Paula Newton. Source: Internet

La Roca

This restaurant is a great place to eat in Vilcabamba, very well finished and a little more up-market than some others. It offers a mix of international and national cuisine. The restaurant features three distinct dining areas: indoor, a patio and an outside covered dining area in the restaurant's garden.

There is on occasion live music. Recently, one visitor commented to us that his pepper steak was absolutely fabulous. We haven't tried it ourselves yet.

Apart from eating great food, if being welcomed and attended by people who really care is important to you, you will appreciate dealing with Ana the owner and Galo, her son, who run this restaurant together with passion, class and experience. "Cocino con mucho amor", "I cook with a lot of love", says Ana who has 45 years of experience in preparing food for banquets and buffets, including banquets for exclusive audiences in Quito such as the president of the republic of Ecuador and his entourage.

Galo, Ana and Saba

La Terraza

They serve most of the staple meals in Ecuador as well as international fare, such as falafel, sandwiches, Oriental, Mexican and Italian food. This is a restaurant and bar.

Las Truchas del Salado

This restaurant is part of a small trout farm. They serve one dish that includes trout,salad,rice,yuca and fried banana.

The restaurant is located along the Rio Uchima. To get there you go through San Pedro, through Sacapo and down the Rio Uchima. Travel the full length of the Rio Uchima road until you get to the very end. Get out, go through the gate in front of you and walk straight ahead. You will hit a nice path that is an easy walk. Follow this path until you come to a wooden cabin and "voila" you are there. It is well worth the effort if nothing more than just for a nice bush walk along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Do note that parking at the end of the road is limited to one car only so get a taxi there and ring one to take you back. There is cell phone coverage at the restaurant.


The Belgian Chocolatier.

Recently (early 2010), Layseca has moved onto the Vilcabamba square, a better location and a lot more space than they had before. The interior decoration is as before simply stunning and the food has not changed. Below is what we wrote about the previous location, nothing to change.

One of our favorite places for bread and treats. This bakery is renowned for its homemade wholewheat bread (pan integral) and rolls as well as chocolates, cookies and granola. They also make very good coffee and nice banana bread. They do sandwiches, pizza and pasta too. If you are planning a dinner party you can ask them to make a French stick ("une baguette s'il vou plait") that you can slice and spread with your own homemade garlic butter and "presto" you have a lovely fresh garlic bread to serve to your guests.

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