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Varadero Puerto - Seafood Gastronomy in Hualtaco Huaquillas Varadero Puerto - Gastronmy in Hualtaco Huaquillas

Huaquillas is a small city located right on the Ecuadorian border with Peru. It is not a beautiful place by any mean but it has its appeal, a fishing port from where to explore the islands, nearby beaches in Ecuador and in Peru, shopping accross the border and as we will see below, a place to enjoy world class seafood.

In the small port of Hualtaco, 5 minutes from the center of Huaquillas, it is quite unexpected to find a restaurant of such category as the Varadero. The restaurant itself is quite stunning I must say, made out of a tasteful combination of bricks, stones, bamboo and straw, all open space and very bright. People can sit and enjoy watching the mangrove.

However the most impressive part is the food, simple, nothing complicated (in the owner's own words) but all excellent, fresh and some original creations of the owner Dalton Otero. Below is a recent creation of his : raw fish in a sauce, avocado, olives. Absolutely irresistible !!

Varadero Puerto - Gastronmy in Hualtaco Huaquillas

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